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7th July 2006

2:21pm: summer is really coooooooool
so this summer has been really sports filled, which is ok...because if it wasnt i would just be sitting at home watching tv, eating, or sleeping anyways.

I like hanging out with my friends alot, so thats always good. although some of them are at camp and i cant hang out with them.

playing for cranbrooks baseball team is alright, the baseball part kinda sucks but the kids are funny and i hit a triple yesterday.

The world cup is awesome and i really want italy to win!!!

I'm going up north tonight after our 6 v 6 game with my gramma, john, and brad town. I kinda don't want to go but my grandma really wants us to go so...we're going.
Current Mood: soaring - flying

18th May 2006

7:25pm: these week has been the worst!

We lost today to southfield meaning we have nearly no chance of winning the league in baseball, ive been sucking real bad since the waterford game which was like 3 weeks ago and coincidently is when someone took my batting gloves...

the assembly today was good but annoying, some peoples priorities are a little messed up though...

i need something to change - i am so frustrated and stressed out, maybe summer will do it...maybe this weekend...i hope.

today was the worst and chemistry is sucking!

tonight is even mexican food night in my house (MY FAVORITE!) and im not even excited about it...

on a lighter note, tomorow is friday.

this livejournal entry sucks

Current Mood: awful

9th April 2006

2:09am: today: was really eventfull!

first: I woke up early to drive for drivers ed, and i drove on the express way which wasn't even scary.

next: i came home and crashed on the couch for a while until i had to go to baseball

then: baseball was fun, but really cold! we won 15-1 against mt. clemons and they were really bad!

later: i went out to dinner with my dad and met his new girlfriend and her mother and her daughters, which was kinda wierd but fun.

after that: i came home, and didnt really do anything except had a lengthy phone conversation with someone im really enjoying getting to know!:D

then: i had a soccer game and we played against a super good team with shots like fireballs, for most of the first half i played the field and jack let in way to many goals then i switched to goalie where i only let up 2 and we came back from being down by five to being up by one to eventually tie those rocketblasting berkley kids. my arms and stomach are sore and turf burned but i am pretty good at goalie.

later: i came home and chilled with ashton, watched some Yo Momma then some date my mom.

currently: i am really tired and i am about to go to sleep and sleep in for so long tomorow!

tomorow: max paper and other various lame homework.

a week from tomorow: FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: real happy, but tired

2nd April 2006

4:31pm: -baseball started, kinda sucks but i almost hit a homerun and erik and i are bonecrush pitching against cranbrook on tuesday so everyone should come!
-i got a car, even though i dont drive, its johns for now but when i get my liscence we will share it.
- i started drivers ed, which sucks alot, but i cant wait til i can drive.
-Im going to florida with brad SOOOOOOOO soon which is goin to be sweet
- I really havent updated livejournal in a long time so i thought i would do it
-I also really like "crushing"
- I cant wait til the summer time
- the show parental control sucks, alot
-its spring
Current Mood: Happy

18th January 2006

11:58am: Everything is so messed up, things i didnt think could happen. It is so difficult to do something when every single person in the whole wide world is against it, its hard enough when people are supportive. I wish i could just start everything over.

I dont really like basketball because i practice with varsity which is alot harder than JV practices but i have to play with jv which is really frustrating 90% of the time.

Im a big fan of wrestling.
Im also going to start boxing soon

maybe this new semester will be a new start and things will get better...
Current Mood: hurt

22nd December 2005

12:18am: how can some people be such assholes to the closest living possible person to them and not even have a conscience or feel bad about it what so ever. there are somethings that hurt but i can get over eventually but when those things start to mix with something that i have dealt with for my whole life and will deal with for the rest of my life i dont even know who to look to. i fucking feel like a bitch for posting something like this but i cant help it. this is bullshit i dont even know what to fucking do with myself. what does someone do in a situation like this. fuck you, you, you, and you.
Current Mood: opposite of good at all

11th December 2005

11:14pm: i just spent 20 + minutes updating this piece of shit about the weekend and somehow i pressed a button and deleted all of it.

this weekend was good at times and bad at times but now im pissed so basically if i wrote it all again i would make it sound bad so fuck it!

errrrrggggggg today sucked!!!

7th December 2005

6:17pm: shizaa
so saturday morning at basketball practice i got elbowed in the wrist and somehow i am now in sort of a cast, it sucks so bad and its realllllly painful

our school is pretty dramatic i think we need a snow day

fuck teen white rappers (X)

i have so much homework i need to do and its really difficult because i cant write fast or type fast because of this stupid cast.

it sucks not being able to play bball or do anything

mother nature needs to turn up the heat or make it snow ALOT

ipods are badass even if i dont use mine as much as i should

im going to florida in april and i cant wait
Current Mood: who?

24th November 2005

10:44pm: thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday, every single year i think its going to be awesome and i look forward to it alot but then at the end of the night i always end up let down and upset.

happy birthday danielle!
Current Mood: sad

27th October 2005

6:31pm: first day playing soccer again i had a soccer goal dropped on my head today and i was hit with the cross bar
then i colided with the back of brads head to right below my eye

my phone is broken sometimes

its freezing cold outside

today was not that great

tomorow is friday, this weekend needs to be good!

its almost november...the year is going too fast
Current Mood: awful

25th October 2005

11:40pm: gettin fat
1 more day until i can play again, we reallly need to win so me and erik can bone crush again

i hate max collins

an adrian with no mouth is a good adrian

basketball starts soon... ahhhh... atleast i wont be in that bad of shape for conditioning

halloween is comin up and brad and i are going to be invisible robots

cant wait til the weekend

girls basketball team is pretty good (ecspecially #10, total babe)

days should be changed so there is an extra few hours for me too sleep, it would make life so much more convinient
how much could i pay someone to videotape my classes and bring them to me after school??? im not serious but if i were really lazy and didnt want friends i would consider it...

i always make lame pointless entries on this bad boy but who cares, i think gradually live journals will become extinct and mlive will take over
Current Mood: cold

14th October 2005

11:12pm: i am so pissed off right now! basically if the worst comes to worse im going to tear my brains out.

PSAT's tomorow which sucks...

then danielle, which rules...

we beat shrine today, i got another assist and thats 3 games in a row! soccer is awesome

ideal life: no school, sleep, really good food, danielle, friends, sports, family sometimes, free time for miscelanious activities, and no lame authority.


7th October 2005

8:49pm: things that really suck:
being grounded all weekend
possibly not going to see danielle this weekend
videa games
new cable and internet so i do know what any of my chanels are and im pretty sure i dont have hbo
being grounded
having my picture on the front of score magazine playing soccer and having the caption say "junior JOHN mickley wins the ball"
being sore everywhere

good things:
beating southfield (#1 in the state) 3-1 and getting an assist and brad scored 2 goals
having the best girlfriend and maybe there is a chance i will so her, if not i can talk to her and thats better than nothing...i guess
being on the cover of score magazine
going to the michigan game tomorow with dad brother and grandpa
my internet and computer work!

i regret last weekend entirely
Current Mood: grumpy and lonely

2nd October 2005

10:31pm: there were only a couple good parts about this weekend although i expected it to be really good.

beating oakland when brad scored a goal was fucking sweet
danielle friday night, went to a party, and then went to joe stacks brothers apartment which was fun

the only good part was seeing danielle for a little while and watching football

soccer practice

in general:
having an awesome girlfriend

30th September 2005

8:37am: im sitting in the library between max kranefactor and ari hajek and i havnt been on a computer in over a week besides writing a paper on this same computer wednesday morning.

we play oakland christian today!!
its going to be super intense but we are going to fuck em up if they do bring their a game, or if they do briung it we will still rape them.

this weekend is going to be really cool if things go as planned

max has pink eye

24th September 2005

5:39pm: my knee hurts like nothing else and im not even sure i hurt it in our game yesterday

Current Mood: whiney/in pain

19th September 2005

11:28pm: oh man!

this past week has been pretty fun, probably the best of this school year, so far.



scoring a goal (thanks to josh with the assist)

i got a haircut, im not really sure i like it but... what can i do?

i got a new phone (same number) but now i can take pictures and all that stufffff

i watched Rudy last night, i love that movie! inspiring


i want to go on vacation...maybe this winter?
Current Mood: tired

17th September 2005

1:19am: this weekend has been so far and will be a really good one!

i scored a effff-in goal in soccer against plymouth and i only went in for like 5 minutes

alot of funny things have happened tonight

went on a fun date to a bad movie with a tri-fecta of couples and Ezzzzzzz and of course the boo! :)

tomorow im going to the michigan football game and then chillin

jack has been talking on the phone with this girl for hours

john + siri ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Current Mood: excited and tired

14th September 2005

9:17pm: im really likin this girlfriend situation

what would life be like if everyone were super attractive, everyone was super wealthy and lived in a big ass house, everyone had teeth, we never went to school, and we went surfing and to the beach all the time?
(laguna fuckin beach)

tomorow is thursday already and i really hope this weekend is off the hook!

my but hurts real bad from soccer today when perry went goalie on me

i wish my computer werent retarded and i could do shit without it fuckin up

Current Mood: giddy and anxcious

11th September 2005

2:21am: livejournals? cool!
i havent updated this bad boy in forever

i hung out with the usual crew tonight in birmingham at the usual max kranes apartment
the whole time i was thinking about how i sort of wanted to join that other group but i never got to
my computer is absolutelty fucked
theres something new that has started this week that i am really begining to like


...i dont know about these (livejournal) things...

i hate being the only one awake and having no one to talk to
Current Mood: lonely

23rd August 2005

10:36pm: Can nuns masturbate?

5th August 2005

1:50am: dear james hartrixxx we need to talk!

real bad brotha

24th July 2005

11:39pm: hey guys!!

im going up north until next sunday so i wont post or anything until then. i guess you can call my cell or maybe e-mail me i might find someway to check it.


peace out
Current Mood: a little agitated and excited

20th July 2005

1:51am: ok, anyone like nip slips? if so, comment and write "clap" i want to start a community

burn all your hatred away

Current Mood: lighting shit on fire

13th July 2005

7:13pm: UP nizzzle
up north is kinda cool ive been hangin out alot with my friends zak and susan and her cousin. today we went tubing off zaks toon and there was this girl who basically was retrded (what do you expect in roscommon though)

tomorow miss linsdey scarlett comes up so we are all gunna chill

no one real has called my phone in forever (no one not from up north) a couple people have but it gets lonely up here

i miss everyone
some people more than others...

i got my schedule and i have alot of adjustments to make

its hot!
Current Mood: lonely/hot
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